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Ayesha Billimoria

Ayesha Billimoria is a 3 time national champion in the 200mtrs from the year 2001 to 2003. She has represented the state of Maharashtra for 17 consecutive years and has held several national and state titles along with being the Fastest Girl in India.

Coach / Educator

Ayesha currently works as an athletics coach and movement specialist in Mumbai and believes that all training is a process of education, awareness and experience. With a 4 year training stint in Sydney, Australia from the year 2010 to 2014, her former coach gavin Fernandes who is a Olympic Gold medallist in Boxing (physiotherapist) taught Ayesha that Sports and Life always go hand in hand. Her own experience of emerging as a leader and not a follower makes her the Fitgirl India, that she is known as today, across the nation.

In 2016 she started her own social enterprise by the name of Project Fitgirl, which aims at educating young children at Government school level and in rural india. This project now works primarily in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra & Rajasthan.

A TEDx speaker and a key note speaker at the World Zoroastrian Congress and motivational speaker by passion, Ayesha now carries the flag of leading young women of India to be independent, confident and leaders in their respective fields.

The book “Run’ is a part of Ayesha’s lifestyle and passion which she pursued for 22 long years. A battle to the Olympic berth at the age of 34 and a quest to make people across the country more aware about the gift of running and how it can be life changing..


  • Named ‘Fastest Girl of India’ in 2001 to 2003
  • represented Maharashtra in the 100, 200 and 400 mtrs for 17 consecutive years. 
  • A three time former national champion in the 200mtrs
  • Authored the book ‘Run, the Ultimate Mind-Body Fitness Guide’
  • Founder of One track Fitness Club and Athletic Club in Mumbai
  • Athletics coach and bio mechanics specialist.
  • Certified Reebok Core Pilates Trainer
  • Stick Mobility coach (Level 2)
  • Certified IIFA Trainer

However, Ayesha’s skills are not solely limited to sports; her drive, dedication and impeccable work ethic has made her one of India’s most influential fitness public figures, model, trainer, respected mentor to many of her aspired followers and students