Ayesha Billimoria



There is a constant talk about educating our children. We talk about education empowerment. We talk about the importance of degrees. Surely it is an important tool that an individual must attain. But why don’t we ever talk about fitness education? Why don’t we talk about the importance of being mentally AND physically fit? Why is it that even though we call ourselves a “progressive nation”, we still lack fitness abilities?

As our generation progresses in sports, I noticed that most children are forced to follow the herd. Through my Fitness Education Program, I want to break that mentality, so that as they grow older, they are confident enough to take their own decisions and choose their own sport.

The primary goal of this project is to create THINKING ATHLETES and not following athletes.

Being fit brings with it a sense of freedom and confidence. Not just in the body, but in the mind too. We want our children to move out into the world independent and with confidence. After all, a fit mind creates a fit body and vice versa.

The primary goals of the program:

To teach body alignment principles.

This gives them an understanding about their posture, about muscle groups and how joints/muscles play an important role in their daily lifestyle.

To teach the importance of mind training.

As an athlete, the first and most important rule of the game is to train the brain.

What Exactly Are Situps Poster

“Mind – Body – Breathe” connect

What we put in simple words as YOG. A 5000 year old art form which has not been utilised to its optimum. This will give the students an understanding of how all of it is interconnected.

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Give the gift of RUNNING

This is an important tool which every child must possess. Running brings about a sense of freedom and understanding of the human body. It also allows an understanding of one’s strengths and weaknesses.

Strength training

Where most people would like to prioritise this first, I would like to say that physical training is a part of the process. Once the above four are achieved, strength training is just a matter of mind over body.

Self Defence

Defending. Not only the physical self  but the emotional & mental side too. Teaching boys to respect boys, girls to respect girls and vice versa. Putting them through basic understanding of  defence movements and how to defend themselves in unpredictable situations.

Out of one’s comfort zone

Once you have achieved the above six goals, the last few sessions are all about PLAY. Sometimes this can also be in the form of punishments. Putting them through tasks and drills that will allow them to see how far they have come with the training and how strong their will power is.